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Four axis linkage;

 Using FPGA hardware to ensure real time control of EtherCAT network in nanosecond(NS);

 The two ports of EtherCAT can easily form a linear or circular topology of the EtherCAT network;

 The EtherCAT network control shortens the control cycle to 125 us. Improving stability and reducing connection cost of line;

 Rich extension communication ports, connecting IO, PLC or third-party devices through Ethernet, USB, serial port;

 Support programming of G code + PLC ladder diagram mode and LIB library dynamic loading mode;

 The forward preprocessing of curve splicing makes continuous trajectory;

 Support space straight line, arc, helix interpolation;

 High-speed real-time trajectory planning, spline curve transition;

 Support S type acceleration and deceleration, T type acceleration and deceleration control;

 Support common kinematics models, specific models can be customized;

 Support pitch error compensation, reverse clearance compensation and tool radius compensation;

 Axis parameterized configuration management, task management, alarm management;

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Hardware Configuration ARM + DSP + FPGA Embedded Multi-Core Processor Architecture.
Interface Configuration 2*EtherCAT port.
1*Ethernet port、2*USB、3*serial port.
EtherCAT/Modbus extension IO、Handshake、PLC etc.
Control performance EtherCAT minimum cycle 125us.
Network control axis 64.
Single channel up to 9 axis linkage interpolation.
Programming Mode G Code M Code / Lib Library Programming.
Embedded soft PLC ladder.
Industry application Multi-axis system network control.
Industrial robots(6DOF、SCARA、Delta...)
Machine processing equipment、automation equipment, etc.
Motion function Single axis motion JOG, continuous trajectory motion.
Space straight line, space arc, spiral interpolation.
Reverse clearance compensation, pitch compensation, tool radius compensation, etc.
Support G54-G59 coordinate system configuration.
Support Z pulse zero, servo zero, etc.
Preprocessing planning of motion trajectory.