Software Name RemoteHMI
نسخه V1.2.10        Download
اندازه نرم افزار 49.4M
راهنمای کاربر RemoteHMI manual      Download
Manual of downloading the PLC program remotely      Download
  • Windows XP driver        Download
  • Windows7-32 driver        Download
  • Windows7-64、Windows8 & 10 driver        Download
  • Method of prohibiting digital signature for Windows8 & 10        Download
  • win8、win10 need to prohibit the digital signature first.
  • مشتری
  • APP for Android(Scan the following two-dimensional code to download)        Download
  • APP for PC        Download
  • APP for IOS:search “HMI Client” in “APP store” to download
  • قابل اجرا
  • RG-2RA
  • سازگاری
  • Only downwards compatibility
  • (High version software can open the lower version programs, low version software can't open the higher version programs)
  • ★ Warm hint:please verify the software version before programming.
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