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پارامتر محصول

Hardware Outline(mm) 25 × 92 × 60
Weight(g) 102.3
Input Digital Input 8
Input Signal Voltage 24VDC±20%
SINK/SRCE Input Wiring Internal common terminal S / S
and external common wire
Output Output Type Transistor
Output Voltage NC
Pulse Output Up to 400KHz of both two
channels respectively
Digital Output 8
Interface USB Device Interface Support downloading and online monitoring
RS232 One mini 232 interface for downloading, monitoring and
serial port communication;
Baud rate: 1200Bps ~ 115200Bps
Load Max Inductive Load 15W
Max Resistive Load Maximum single ended 0.3A
Counting AB Counting Up to 200KHz for one channel
High-speed Counting Up to 400KHz for both two channels
Power/Consumption Power Supply DC 24V±20%
Power consumption 1.5W
Environment Operation Temperature Airtight: 5°C~40°C;
Open: 5°C~55°C
Operation Humidity 5~95%RH
Shockproof 10 ~ 25Hz (XYZ: 2G/30min)
Certification FCC Part 15 Subpart B(FCC)
FCC:ANSI C63.4:2003
Radicated Emission & Immunity Testing
Conducted Emission & Immunity Testing
ESD Testing
Software PC Tool SamSoarII

3  Product features

 32-Bit high performance CPU; compiling execution mode; scanning cycle is 5 times faster than analytical mode;

 Support two channels of high-speed pulse output, up to 400KHz;

 One communication port: RS 232;

 High reliability of USB uploading, downloading and monitoring; pleasurable user experience;

 Two methods to communicate with PC, monitor PC, uploading and downloading: RS232 and USB;

 Up to 400KHz of high-speed pulse counting for both single-phase channels;

 Up to 200KHz of high-speed pulse counting for one or two dual phase channels;

 Static electricity level: Level 4±8000V;

 External real-time clock chip for a more accurate time;

 Provide over 64K of user program memory block; without worrying over space limitation;

 Provide 2KByte of memory area after power off; without worrying over data loss;

 Simple and clear configuration software provides over 160 instructions;

 Compatible with European and Japanese programming style, ladder programming input and command programming input;

 Clear programming structure consisting of main program, subprogram and interrupt program, etc. that are divided into multiple networks;

 In the form of instruction block in ladder diagram, applied instruction appears as tree menu for user’s choice;

 Support initializing value and state of register;

 Support interrupt function, mainly including external interrupt and timer interrupt;

 Element list ensures a more convenient management of registers;

 Multilayered encryption protection, including uploading password, downloading password, monitoring password and subroutine password for intelligent property protection;

 Support Variable list so as to custom variable name, making programming more efficient;

 Support setting filter time of input signal.